Monday, 28 March 2011

about friends I want to share with you all about friends ... of course all of us have friends who own ... I believe a friend is a place for us to share everything including our personal things ...too many stories today involving a friend .. sometimes we forget ... a friend is not everything ... I mean ... not for us to express everything ... friends can be toxic to most poisonous to our lives ... want to know why I said it kind? because our friends can affect whether good or bad..but we alone can determine whether it was actually good or a bad friend ... I believe 93% of us will share their problems with friends ... have you all figured out that a friend is not likely to help his friends if you do not have problem?? a very strange question ... but I was actually the truth is not the same friend who always helps us yourself even if no problem .... why do I talk like this?? only because of all the suffering Our bear ... the excitement ... only we know ... no matter how good your friend .... remember is that even one day can become friends ... and opponent can also be toxic venomous ...remember we have family....just share with them and we also have ALLAH that we can share everything a safe place to share...but please you have to be careful the word of FRIEND....

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