Wednesday, 13 April 2011

"Syak Wasangka....Mana Tahu"

Nowadays people like to think, think ...

thought of good and bad thoughts....

* The religious people thought ripple
* People who "relax" presumed lazy
* People wear new clothes presumed point
* People who dressed poorly thought ascetic
* People eat a lot of thought glutton
* People eat a little thought "diet"
* A good people thought evil
* People good thought bad
* People thought mocking smile
* The sour unexpectedly insisting
* People "bermuzakarah" thought gossip
* The silent people suspected captured "membela"
* People seem happy supposed to defend

Who knows...
 The rest was due to remembrance of Allah 
Who knows...
The smile is because charity 
Who knows... 
Such as the recognition of a sour one's sins
Who knows...
That captured the hearts and mind as the net
Who knows...
The fun is as vigorous mind & always remember Allah 

So stay away from attitudes like think-think as it would destroy the fraternity and destruction of fellow human beings as "musnahnya kayu dimakan api". One of the things we see, all sorts of conclusions that we can do. It all depends on how we see it ...Wallahu a’alam.....

 and please remember...Firman Allah SWT

Allah berfirman: “Hai orang-orang yang beriman, jauhilah dari kebanyakan dari syak wasangka, sesungguhnya sebahagian daripada syak wasangka itu adalah dosa dan janganlah kamu mencari-cari kesalahan orang lain dan janganlah sebahagian kamu mengumpat sebahagian yang lain. Sukakah salah seorang di antara kamu memakan daging saudaranya yang sudah mati? Maka tentulah kamu merasa jijik kepadanya. Dan bertakwalah kepada Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha penerima taubat lagi Maha Penyayang.” (Surah al-Hujurat 48: 12)

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